Soccer 6s

Autumn League 2024

Saturday, 14th Sept. – Sunday, 15th December


FA referees


We noticed a league for beginners was far and few between so we decided to change that. 

With a collective 25 years of coaching experience, the team at Soccer 6’s offers a top-notch learning experience for the kids, enabling them to engage with highly qualified coaches who have a thorough understanding of how to best interact with each individual.

Latest Standings

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Group A
1The A-Academy U71060418
2Eagles Red1071222
3The Spanish Way U7 Red1051416
5More Than Sport103079
6Just Play Academy81073
Group B
2Forza Skillz1061319
3The A-Academy U6941413
4Eagles White1032414
5The Spanish Way U7 Yellow1042414
6The Spanish Way U6101275
Sunday - 21st April The Brunswick Club
Forza Skillz1014The A-Academy U6
Eagles Red105The A-Academy U7
Eagles White43TSW Yellow U7
TSW U629Db-eXcel
Just Play Academy03More Than Sport
Sunday - 28th April The Brunswick Club
Forza Skillz100The Spanish Way U6
Eagles Red116Just Play Academy
Eagles White47The A-Academy U6
The A-Academy U745The Spanish Way Red U7
The Spanish Way Yellow U752More Than Sport
Sunday - 5th May The Brunswick Club
Eagles White99Forza Skillz
JSFC99Eagles Red
TSW Yellow U722TSW U6
More Than Sport37The Spanish Way Red U7
Db-eXcel138The A-Academy U6
Just Play Academy212The A-Academy U7
Sunday - 12th May The Brunswick Club
Forza Skillz52TSW Yellow U7
TSW U619The A-Academy U6
The A-Academy U772More Than Sport
Eagles Red101The Spanish Way Red U7
Db-eXcel47Eagles White
JSFC56Just Play Academy
Sunday - 19th May The Brunswick Club
Db-eXcel43Forza Skillz
More Than Sport49Eagles Red
Eagles White66TSW U6
Just play Academy03The Spanish Way Red U7
The Spanish Way Yellow U730The A-Academy U6
JSFC27The A-Academy U7
Sunday - 26th May The Brunswick Club
More Than Sport54Forza Skillz
The A-Academy U757Eagles Red
Eagles White63TSW Yellow U7
Db-eXcel130The Spanish Way U6
The Spanish Way Red U744Jolof FC
Sunday - 09th June The Brunswick Club
The Spanish Way U6112Forza Skillz
More than Sport48JSFC
Eagles White14The A-Academy U6
The A-Academy U762The Spanish Way Red U7
The Spanish Way Yellow U799Db-eXcel
Sunday - 16th June The Brunswick Club
Eagles White48Forza Skillz
Eagles Red125JSFC
TSW Yellow U731TSW U6
More Than Sport27TSW Red U7
The A-Academy U666Db-eXcel
The A-Academy U730Just Play Academy
Sunday - 23rd June The Brunswick Club
Forza skillz92TSW Yellow U7
Eagles Red86TSW Red U7
Eagles White36Db-eXcel
TSW U630The A-Academy U6
The A-Academy U703More Than Sport
Just Play Academy03Jolof FC
Sunday - 30th June The Brunswick Club
Forza skillz54Db-eXcel
Eagles Red62More Than Sport
TSW U657Eagles White
TSW Red U730Just Play Academy
TSW Yellow U730The A-Academy U6
JSFC30The A-Academy U7
Sunday Summer Term Brunswick
Week 1 - 21st AprilKO Time
Forza SkillzVSThe A-Academy U69:30
Eagles RedVSThe A-Academy U710:30
Eagles WhiteVSTSW Yellow U711:30
Dingoes FCVSMore Than Sport14:30
Week 2 - 28th AprilKO Time
Forza SkillzVSTSW U69:30
Eagles RedVSJust Play Academy10:30
Eagles WhiteVSThe A-Academy U611:30
The A-Academy U7VSTSW Red U712:30
TSW Yellow U7VSDBX13:30
JSFCVSMore Than Sport14:30
Week 3 - 5th MayKO Time
Eagles WhiteVSForzaskillz9:30
JSFCVSEagles Red10:30
TSW Yellow U7VSTSW U611:30
More Than SportVSTSW Red U712:30
DBXVSThe A-Academy U613:30
Just Play AcademyVSThe A-Academy U714:30
Week 4 - 12th MayKO Time
Forza SkillzVSTSW Yellow U79:30
TSW U6VSThe A-Academy U610:30
The A-Academy U7VSMore Than Sport11:30
Eagles RedVSTSW Red U712:30
DBXVSEagles White13:30
JSFCVSJust Play Academy14:30
Week 5 - 19th MayKO Time
Forza SkillzVSDBX9:30
Eagles RedVSMore Than Sport10:30
Eagles WhiteVSTSW U611:30
Just Play AcademyVSTSW Red U712:30
TSW Yellow U7VSThe A-Academy U613:30
The A-Academy U7VSJolof FC14:30
Week 6 - 26th MayKO Time
Forza SkillzVSThe A-Academy U69:30
Eagles RedVSThe A-Academy U710:30
Eagles WhiteVSTSW Yellow U611:30
TSW Red U7VSJolof FC13:30
Just Play AcademyVSMore Than Sport14:30
Week 7 - 9th JuneKO Time
Forza SkillzVSTSW U69:30
Eagles RedVSJust Play Academy10:30
The A-Academy U6VSEagles White11:30
The A-Academy U7VSTSW Red U712:30
DBXVSTSW Yellow U713:30
JSFCVSMore Than Sport14:30
Week 8 - 16th JuneKO Time
Eagles WhiteVSForzaskillz9:30
JSFCVSEagles Red10:30
TSW Yellow U7VSTSW U611:30
More Than SportVSTSW Red U712:30
DBXVSThe The A-Academy U613:30
Just Play AcademyVSThe A-Academy U714:30
Week 9 - 23rd JuneKO Time
Forza SkillzVSTSW Yellow U79:30
Eagles RedVSTSW Red U710:30
Eagles WhiteVSDBX11:30
TSW U6VSThe The A-Academy U612:30
The A-Academy U7VSMore Than Sport13:30
Just Play AcademyVSJolof FC14:30
Week 10 - 30th JuneKO Time
Forza SkillzVSDBX9:30
Eagles RedVSMore Than Sport10:30
TSW U6VSEagles White11:30
TSW Red U7VSJust Play Academy12:30
TSW Yellow U7VSThe A-Academy U613:30
JSFCVSThe A-Academy U714:30
Week 11 - 7th JulyKO Time
Group B (Semi final)
Forza skillzVSTSW Yellow U709:30
Db-eXcelVSEagles White10:30
Final - SF 1 WinnerVSSF 2 Winner11:30
Group A (Semi Final)
A-Academy U7VSTSW Red U712:30
Eagles RedVSJolof13:30
Final - SF 1 WinnerVSSF 2 Winner14:30
1TancrediForza Skillz31
2KaspaEagles Red20
3AlexandreEagles Red19
Premier Division
1The A-Academy641113
2Vale FC641113
3RPT FC640212
5QP Sharks52127
6Forza Skillz61053
7Sports Empowered FC50141
Saturday - 27th April St Charles College
Queens Park Shark51Forza Skillz
Queens Park Sharks96The A-Academy
Vale FC61Sports Empowered
Saturday - 4th May St Charles College
Forza Skillz27A Academy
Saturday - 11th May St Charles College
Queens Park Sharks36RPT FC
RPT FC84Forza Skillz
A-Academy22Sports Empowered
Saturday - 18th May St Charles College
Sports Empowered25Forza Skillz
The A-Academy124-
Vale FC54RPT
QP Sharks07JSFC
Saturday - 25th May St Charles College
Sports Empowered29RPT
RPT62Jolof FC
Jolof FC27The A-Academy
Forza Skillz17Vale FC
Saturday - 8th June St Charles College
JSFC016Vale FC
Vale FC52Sports Empowered
Saturday - 15th June St Charles College
Vale FC33QP Sharks
Saturday - 22nd June St Charles College
JSFC31Forza skillz
JSFC42Sports Empowered
The A-Academy64RPT
The A-Academy96Vale FC
Saturday - St Charles 3G Pitch
Week 1 - 27th AprKO Time
QP SharksVSForza Skillz12:00
QP SharksVSSports Empowered FC13:00
-VSSports Empowered FC14:00
Vale FCVSThe A-Academy15:00
Week 2 - 4th MayKO Time
Forza SkillzVSThe A-Academy12:00
Rugby Portobello TrustVSThe A-Academy13:00
Week 3 - 11th MayKO Time
Jolof Sports FCVSQueens Park Sharks12:00
Rugby Portobello TrustVSForza Skillz13:00
Vale FCVSQueens Park Sharks14:00
Week 4 - 18th MayKO Time
Forza SkillzVS-12:00
Jolof Sports FCVSSports Empowered FC13:00
Vale FCVSRugby Portobello Trust14:00
QP SharksVSRugby Portobello Trust15:00
QP SharksVSThe A-Academy16:00
Week 5 - 25th MayKO Time
Rugby Portobello TrustVSSports Empowered FC12:00
Rugby Portobello TrustVSJolof Sports FC13:00
The A-AcademyVSJolof Sports FC14:00
Forza SkillzVSVale FC15:00
-VSQP Sharks16:00
Week 6 - 8th JuneKO Time
-VSJolof Sports FC12:00
-VSThe A-Academy13:00
Jolof Sports FCVSVale FC14:00
Sports Empowered FCVSVale FC15:00
Week 7 - 15th JuneKO Time
Jolof sports FCVSForza Skillz12:00
Sports Empowered FCVSJolof Sports FC13:00
Vale FCVSElite Football (Friendly)14:00
Week 8 - 22nd JuneKO Time
The A-AcademyVSRPT14:00
The A-AcademyVSVale FC15:00
Week 9 - 29th June
12:00 - 16:00
Week 10 - 6th July
Quarter Finals
Week 11 - 13th July
Semi Finals and Finals
Trophy Day
1DB-eXcel White980124
2DB-eXcel Yellow960318
3JSFC Green960318
4Champs FC960318
5Sports Play Motion951316
6Forza Skillz941413
7JSFC Red941413
9The Spanish Way FC92076
10JTL – FC91174
Saturday - 20th April The Brunswick Club
Sports play motion30Champs
Jolof Red106DBX Yellow
Forza Skillz67Jolof Green
DBX White160The Spanish way
Saturday - 27th April The Brunswick Club
JTL52Champs FC
Sports Play Motion55Forza Skillz
JSFC Red45Lions
The Spanish Way213Db-eXcel
JSFC Green46Db-eXcel White
Saturday - 4th May The Brunswick Club
DB-eXcel Yellow214DB-eXcel White
JSFC Green29Sports Play Motion
Lions26Forza Skillz
The Spanish Way16Champs
Saturday - 11th May The Brunswick Club
Champs32Forza Skillz
Db-eXcel Yellow71Sports Play Motion
Db-eXcel White112JTL
Lions63The Spanish Way
JSFC Red64JSFC Green
Saturday - 18th May The Brunswick Club
Sports Play Motion25JSFC Green
JTL09Db-eXcel White
Forza Skillz73Db-eXcel Yellow
Saturday - 25th May The Brunswick Club
Champs FC42JSFC Red
JTL03Forza Skillz
Lions89JSFC Green
The Spanish Way FC312Db-eXcel White
Db-eXcel Yellow65Sports Play Motion
Saturday - 8th June The Brunswick Club
Db-eXcel Yellow112JTL
Db-eXcel White78JSFC Red
Lions26JSFC Green
The Spanish Way FC015Forza Skillz
Sports Play Motion--Champs Fc
Saturday - 15th June The Brunswick Club
JTL17Jolof Green
Forza Skillz45JSFC Red
Db-eXcel White81Champs FC
Db-eXcel Yellow114Lions
Saturday - 22nd June The Brunswick Club
Db-eXcel White112Forza skillz
Jolof Red26Sports Play Motion
Jolof Green92The Spanish Way
Saturday - The Brunswick Club 4G Pitch
Week 1 - 20th AprilKO Time
Champs FCVSSports Play Motion12:00
Db-eXcel YellowVSJSFC Red13:00
Forza SkillzVSJSFC Green14:00
JTLVSThe Spanish Way FC15:00
Db-eXcel WhiteVSLions16:00
Week 2 - 27th AprilKO Time
JTLVSChamps FC12:00
Sports Play MotionVSForza Skillz13:00
JSFC RedVSLions14:00
The Spanish Way FCVSDb-eXcel Yellow15:00
JSFC GreenVSDb-eXcel White16:00
Week 3 - 4th MayKO Time
Db-eXcel YellowVSDb-eXcel White12:00
JSFC GreenVSSports Play Motion13:00
LionsVSForza Skillz15:00
The Spanish Way FCVSChamps FC16:00
Week 4 - 11th MayKO Time
Champs FCVSForza Skillz12:00
Db-eXcel YellowVSSports Play Motion13:00
Db-eXcel WhiteVSJTL14:00
LionsVSThe Spanish Way FC15:00
JSFC RedVSJSFC Green16:00
Week 5 - 18th MayKO Time
Champs FCVSJolof Sports FC12:00
JTLVSDb-eXcel White13:00
Forza SkillzVSDb-eXcel Yellow14:00
Sports Play MotionVSLions15:00
JSFC RedVSThe Spanish Way FC16:00
Week 6 - 25th MayKO Time
JSFC RedVSChamps FC12:00
Forza SkillzVSJTL13:00
LionsVSJSFC Green14:00
The Spanish Way FCVSDb-eXcel White15:00
Db-eXcel YellowVSSports Play Motion16:00
Week 7 - 8th JuneKO Time
Sports Play MotionVSJTL12:00
JSFC RedVSDb-eXcel White13:00
JSFC GreenVSDb-eXcel Yellow14:00
The Spanish Way FCVSForza Skillz15:00
Champs FCVSLions16:00
Week 8 - 15th JuneKO Time
JTLVSJSFC Green12:00
Forza SkillzVSJSFC Red13:00
Db-eXcel WhiteVSChamps FC14:00
Db-eXcel YellowVSLions15:00
Sports Play MotionVSThe Spanish Way FC16:00
Week 9 - 22nd JuneKO Time
Db-eXcel WhiteVSForza Skillz13:00
JSFC RedVSSports Play Motion14:00
JSFC GREENVSThe Spanish Way15:00
Db-eXcel YellowVSChamps FC16:00
Week 10 - 29th JuneKO Time
(Quarter & Semi)
Week 11 - 6th JulyKO Time
(Final and Trophies)
1LeroneDBX white25
3FrancescoForza Skillz9



Matches are 40 minutes (two 20 minute halves)

Matches are 50 minutes
(two 25 minute halves)

Professional coaches and referees operating under the quality and safety standards of the FA. 

Soccer 6s is organised by Adam who will be able to answer any questions. Please email him on if you have any questions. 

Parents who want to coach or manage teams are welcome to get in touch, as are PE teachers and representatives of local football clubs. 

Please email us on for more information. 


Our winning outlook is built on sportsmanship.

This game brings us all together, and while we aim to compete hard, we strive to make every match enjoyable and fair.


View the fixtures and league tables for our Soccer 6s Saturday and Sunday Leagues