Soccer 6s

About Us


At Soccer 6’s, we are a 6-a-side league which runs every Saturday between 12:00 & 16:00, and Sundays between 9:00-13:00.

We have collaborated with seasoned coaches and referees. In order for kids to be imparted with invaluable lessons of football that will remain with them forever, we truly believe that bringing in league football will achieve those goals.

We aspire to teach children how to conduct themselves with integrity in a sporting environment, advocating for fairness and respect for their opponents.

This Saturday league has been organised with the intention of facilitating the growth of every team and individual player.


For children of all ages, our club offers a variety of exciting opportunities to explore and experience team sports in a safe and friendly environment. Not only do children get the chance to make friends and form teams, but they also have the chance to learn about teamwork, the rules of the game and basic sportsmanship, with access to expert coaching available at every level. 

At the end of each season (term) our teams will gather to celebrate the successful season they have had and take home a token of their achievement. This trophy day is a moment of celebration, where each team member will be rewarded with a medal or trophy to remember the special bond they share with their team and their coach.

These are just a few of the exciting experiences our sports club has to offer. Whether it’s the chance to explore and improve in the game or form friendships, we hope our program will provide your child with a lifetime of meaningful memories.


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